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Super-Insulated Buildings
  This is the next generation of low energy residence. It takes our typical R 30 wall assembly, and raises it to R 60, by 
  • doubling the thickness of the walls to 12" deep 
  • using "Blown-In-Bat" insulation in a pre- manufactured wall stud which can be delivered to the site as a completed unit by the truss manufacturer.
This system achieves the high insulation levels of double wall framing -- without the increased labor costs of constructing double-thickness walls onsite. You gain the benefits of increased quality control and maximum cost-efficiency.

A traditional vapor barrier and air barrier are built in, as well as a layer of exterior rigid mineral-wool insulation to reduce thermal bridging through the wall and provide a rain screen. 

This superior wall assembly is then combined with triple-glazed windows which have two low-"E" coatings, argon charging and non conductive edge spacers -- all of which significantly reduce heat loss.

Two layers of drywall are used to create additional "thermal mass" in the wall. This then works to store internal gains and reduces internal temperature swings.

These super insulated homes also incorporate our leading-edge mechanical systems, which can include such elements as:

  • combination heating systems,
  • whole-house ventilation with heat recovery, 
  • hybrid passive systems 
  • in-floor forced air distribution, 
  • masonry heaters, etc.


In other words, Just Homes' "Super-Insulated Buildings" offer you all of the industry's leading-edge technologies for energy conservation and maximum comfort.  All you have to worry about is setting the thermostat!

Click here to see some examples of our Super-Insulated buildings.