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Super-Insulated Buildings
1. Muskoka, Ontario

As electrical rates continue to rise, this 3200 sq. ft home's value will increase; it's  been designed to eventually go completely off-grid. 

  • All fixtures and appliances have been carefully chosen to reduce electrical demands. 
  • The garage (presently  under construction) is designed and oriented for a photo-voltaic (PV) collector array and storage. 
  • There is also an option being considered to use this PV system to generate hydrogen for fuel cell electrical production -- as well as fueling gas fired appliances in the home.
For more detail on this home's mechanical systems, click here.

2. Georgian Bay

With increasing concern for the potability of well water, this 3200 sq. ft home  features a roof garden as part of a complete rain water collection and purification system. 

The water collected is stored in a 2000-gallon cistern, and is then filtered for home use.