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Environmental Sustainability

  We believe that superior environmental elements in a home needn't require any sacrifices. When you work with Just Homes, they're understood to be the baseline. 

The only factors driving our design are the requirements of your lifestyle, and the type of home you want. All of the "environmental" aspects can then be built around that, and designed into every aspect of the building.

In addition, we are experienced in designing homes for people who are environmentally hyper-susceptible (i.e., allergic to many different manufactured materials).

Our projects typically include such features as

  • a building shell designed and built to today's highest standards -- well beyond the R2000 specification
  • a highly-efficient, right-sized mechanical system, with a mix of active and passive heating (Passive hybrid systems)
  • heat recovery ventilation systems which keep the house always at optimum temperature and humidity levels, without sacrificing fresh air
  • high insulation levels -- better windows, better insulation, air barriers versus vapor barriers etc -- which ensure that the building load is kept to a minimum
  • solar heating and energy generation, including off-grid possibilities
To see how all these elements fit together into a typical project, take a look at our case studies for New Construction, Additions / Renovations/Restorations, and Super-Insulated Buildings.